Stone sculpted by Time,
protected by the Earth and harvested by Man...

When Nature turns to stone
she captures the power of beauty,
treasuring it, crystallising it, and giving it new form,
so that Man can take it and bring it to the light,
like a sublime rediscovery of long-lost jewels.

Throughout the world
our stones know no borders but the earth itself,
lovingly garnered, extracted from the depths,
gathered from valley bottoms…

We have learned the art of Stone
over generations.
Inspired from the start by the use
of the red schists of the Walloon Borinage,
we have turned the slagheaps into building materials.
Research from an ever-more aesthetic perspective
has led us to see Stone as a decorative asset
for gardens, water features, entrances, grand staircases,
true jewels of the urban landscape.
Handled by ever-more efficient machinery
in full compliance with environmental regulations,
our “LifeStones” and other landscape stones
are exported throughout Europe.

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